MiNgGu YaNg MeMeNaTkAn~~

Da lame x menulis dalam nie.. Huhu..
sbbnyer, mggu nie busy sgt2..
Tiap2 hari blk lmbt.. Tiap2 hari blk malam..
Jadinye bdn pon penat.. Balik bilik teros la tido.. Huhu..
nak taw busy sbb pe?
Busy menguruskan satu majlis anugerah untuk dak2 yg dapat dekan..
for my faculty..
majlis nye ari sabtu, 3 okt 09..
nnt i'll write a new post for that event..
sepanjang mggu lepas mmg bz sgt2..
aku pgg jwtn sbg biro cenderahati dan hadiah..
jadinye, sibuk menguruskan sijil dan hadiah untuk dak2 dekan tu..
klo aku dapat dekan gak x pe jgk.. huhu..
tiap2 ari aku outing..
tempah frame, ambik frame, beli gam lilin, tmph adiah untuk tesis terbaik,
beli reben, mcm2 lagi buat..
da beli frame kne lak frame kan sijil dak2 tu..
busy menampal nama dak dekan

spjg mggu mmg mood aku x brape baik..
habis sume org aku nak marah..
huhu.. cian diorg yg kne marah ngn aku tu..
plg lmbt aku blk kol 2.30 pg.. ari jumaat sblm mjls tu..
sbb buat rehearsal untuk majlis tu..
mjls besar la katekan.. budget pon besar..
x ley ckp amount nyer..
tp 5 angke gak r.. hmpr 6 agke jgk..
alhamdulillah da abes da mjls nyer..
jd bole la tumpu kat pljrn lak..

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Yesterday i have a gene expression and regulation class with Dr Saifulaman..
He's a lecturer yet a doctor in one of the hospitals in Malaysia..
He's also a Dr in Phil.
During the class, i got a new information about our genes..
(at least new for me..)
He said that when we are stress, our body will respond to the stress and our genes will omit an odour (i think maybe people can't smell it)..
when our body omit the odour, insect wont come to us..
So, we won't get any mosquitoes bite when we r stress..
He said that people that always get a mosquito bite are people that are the one who have the least stress and people who doesn't get bit by mosquitoes are the one who are the most stress person..
at first, i don't really trust the information..
but yesterday when i went outing with my roommate, i was quite having some stress with so many homework and assignment that have to be submitted this week..
I'm also thinking about the event this weekend..
Anugerah Saintis Muda..
I'm handling it with my colleagues..
when i was waiting for the bus, (it's already night)
no mosquito bit me..
Well.. That was a shock.. It's because before this, anywhere i go, if there is mosquitoes, I'm the one that will be bitten by them in the first place..
although people around me hasn't bitten by the mosquitoes, i have been bitten with many of them..
So, now I do think that the fact that mosquito don't bite stress people is true..

moral of the story:
If u don't want to be bitten by insect, make yourself stress..

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well.. this is the first time i made a blog..
mmg x taw pape pon sal blog ni senanye..
tp terase nak wat..
maybe can be a place untuk meluahkan segala isi hati kowt..
hope to improve my skill in here..
to all my friends, hope u can guide me thru this..
that's all 4 now..

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